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Stats (short for statistics) are different variables regarding your character, which may be increased and extended using various items which must be crafted or found.
These include; defense, attack, speed, health, and many other factors. All stats can be viewed by tapping your health bar, or the small arrow in the equip section.
Stats can be effected by armor, accessories (e.g. trinkets and necklaces), and potions.


[edit] Equips

First is your health; both current (left of the / ) and maximum (right of the / ).
Default is 5.0 Hearts. So an item that gives 1 extra heart will show 6.0 in the equip pane.

Equip Stats.png
Player Name


The top 4 stats (shown as D) are defense
The middle 4 (shown as A) are attack
The bottom 4 (shown as S) are speed.
Slash (Sword)
Pierce (Spear)
Blunt (Maul)
Magic (Magic Wand/Sparkles)

Walk Speed (Foot)
Jump Speed (Jumping Character)
Climb Speed (Ladder)
Swim Speed (Water)

Equip Legend.png
Health is sometimes measured in hearts, but is displayed in digits. One heart equals 10 health.
The maximum health of a unequipped character is 50 (5 hearts).

[edit] Basic Boosts

  • Link= Attack boosts, increase the amount of damage done by varying weapon types. Increases a weapon's damage by x%.
    • Slash Icon.png Slash
    • Blunt Icon.png Blunt
    • Pierce Icon.png Pierce
    • Magic Icon.png Magic

  • Link= Defence boosts, decrease the amount of damage done by varying attack types. Blocks x% of a damage type
    • Slash Icon.png Slash
    • Blunt Icon.png Blunt
    • Pierce Icon.png Pierce
    • Magic Icon.png Magic

  • Link= Speed boosts, increase your speed in certain areas.
    • Walk Speed
    • Climb Speed
    • Jump Speed
    • Swim Speed

[edit] Abilities

  • Link= Health: Increases maximum health. Note: +1 heart equals 10 health in the status bar.
  • Link= Health Regen: Player will regenerate x health per second.
  • Link= Healing Bonus: Increases the amount of health gained from items by x%.
  • Link= Luck: Increased chance of rare item drop.
  • Link= Ranged Critical: Increases the chance of critical hits when using ranged weapons.

Note: The following do not have icons, and do not appear in the tooltip of an item. They are only visible within the stats panel.

  • Glow - Creates a slight glow without the use of torches or any other light source. Ex: Diving Helm Note: only works in darkness
  • Haste - Increases mining and destruction speed.
  • Save Ammo - Gives your weapons a chance of not using ammo. Also applies to fishing, since lures are considered ammo.

[edit] Resistances

Some equipables also grant resistances. These are a percentage of damage blocked. A stat showing 100% resistance grants total immunity to the indicated damage type.

  • Link= Fall Resistance: Makes the ground hurt less when you smack into it from extreme (and negligible) heights.
  • Link= Explosion Resistance: Keeps you in one piece, even when skeleton bombers try to blow you apart.
  • Link= Lava Resistance: Helps keep you from burning up.
  • Link= Acid Resistance: Worry less about your skin dissolving.
  • Link= Breath Resistance: Reduces suffocation. You still run out of air in the same amount of time, but take less damage.

[edit] Tools & Weapons

Tool Legend.png

Tools and weapons of different types are effective against different things.

  • Weapon Types
    • Slash Icon.png Slash Damage
    • Pierce Icon.png Pierce Damage
    • Blunt Icon.png Blunt Damage
    • Magic Icon.png Magic Damage

  • Power: More power breaks blocks faster and hurts mobs more.
  • Link= Durability: The number of uses a tool/weapon has left. Breaking a block uses 1, hitting a mob uses 1.
  • Link= Range: The number of blocks away from the character tools and weapons will reach.
    • Note: Combat is handled differently in the Steam version, you must hit a mob directly with a weapon to hurt them, weapon range only applies to iOS and Android.
  • Link= Life Leech (weapons only): Player gains x health per hit on a mob.

[edit] Other

  • Link= Potion Potency: Varies by reagents used, higher potency means the potion will have a stronger effect.
  • Potion Duration Icon.png Potion Duration: The amount of time the potion lasts. Varies by bottle quality used.

[edit] Wiki Tables

Stuff H Sl D B D St D M D Sl A B A St A M A W S C S J S S S B A L F E G
Item One 1 2 3 4
Item Two 4 3 2 1

On some pages you'll see a table displaying information about multiple equippables.
All of these tables are sortable by any stat. For example if you want to see which gives the most slash attack, just click the Sl A section and all items will rearrange in order of Slash Attack.

To save space on pages, the stats aren't spelled out within the table, below is the key:

  • H = Max Health Increase (in hearts)

  • Sl D = Slash Defense Increase (in percent)
  • B D = Blunt Defense Increase (in percent)
  • St D = Stab Defense Increase (in percent)
  • M D = Magic Defense Increase (in percent)

  • Sl A = Slash Attack Increase (in percent)
  • B A = Blunt Attack Increase (in percent)
  • ST A = Stab Attack Increase (in percent)
  • M A = Magic Attack Increase (in percent)

  • W S = Walk Speed Increase (in percent)
  • C S = Climbing Speed Increase (in percent)
  • J S = Jump Speed Increase (in percent)
  • S S = Swim Speed Increase (in percent)

  • B = Breath Resistance (in percent)
  • A = Acid Resistance (in percent)
  • L = Lava Resistance (in percent)
  • F = Fall Resistance (in percent)
  • E = Explosive Resistance (in percent)
  • G = Character Glows in the dark

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