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This template is used to display the blocks. With other blocks on top of them!

[edit] Instructions

These will make a bit more sense once you read the Variables section below.

You can put up to 3 images on one block/area.
So for example you could have a block (A1), with an ore in front of it (A12), and a torch on it(A13).

Another interesting thing is that as a way to make background blocks.
There is basically just a shadow block which can be used in place of any block. This block is named "Back".

So, if you wanted a background stone block with copper on it, you would put (A1=Stone|A12=Copper Ore|A13=Back)
That would put both the stone and the ore behind the shadow.
But, let's say you want background dirt with a torch, then you put (A1=Dirt|A12=Back|A13=Torch)
That would put dirt behind the shadow, but the torch in front.

[edit] Variables

It accepts the following variables,

  • Anim: An animation. There probably won't be many of these used, but I thought I'd add it.
An image to be displayed here should be named Anim_Whatever.gif

  • A1: Top/left block/area.
  • A12: Top/left block, the second. Think of it as A1 the second, not A twelve.
  • A13: Top/left, the third.
  • A5N: Add a name to to a block
  • A2: Top row, one to the right…
  • A22: Top row, one to the right, the second…
  • That pattern continues with 3 options for each area. In total the template is 10 blocks wide and 4 blocks high.
Each horizontal row uses a letter.
So it's layed out like this:

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