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This template is used to display the JJx crafting interface, with inventory items overlayed over it.

[edit] Variables

It accepts the following variables,

  • A: Addon. Changes background. (Valid Addons: Workbench, Mason Bench, Tanning Tools, Loom, Dying Machine, Spinning Wheel, Woodworker Bench, Anvil, Cooking Ware, Cooking Pot, Tinkerer's Tools, Electrician's Bench, Carpentry Bench)

  • A1: The top/left item
  • A2: The top/middle item
  • A3: Top/right
  • B1: Middle/left
  • B2: Middle/middle
  • B3: Middle/right
  • C1: Bottom/left
  • C2: Bottom/middle
  • C3: Bottom/right

  • O: (that's an o not a zero) Output item of craft.
  • #: Number of items made.

  • Name: The name of the output item.
Simply input O to have it automatically put the same as the O variable. Otherwise, type what you want.

[edit] Example

{{Craft |A=Workbench |A1=Wood |B2=Plank |C3=Plank |O=Wood Shovel |#=7 }}

displays as...

Craft Example.png

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