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This template is used to display a single inventory slot from Junk Jack Retro, with an item.
Please only use this template on Junk Jack Retro pages.
This template is a work in progress and not perfect. It doesn't support every feature from the original template: Item.

[edit] Template:Item JJ1

Based on Twelve Foot's template: Item
Modified by Lo Luv

[edit] Outline of item 'O='

A1= The item.

For Tool items:
Example: {{Item JJ1 |A1= Gold Shovel|O= Tool}}

For Weapon Items:
Example: {{Item JJ1 |A1= Gold Sword|O= Weapon}}

For placeable blocks:
Example: {{Item JJ1 |A1= Wood Planks|O= Placeable}}

For Material Items:
Example: {{Item JJ1 |A1= Raw Primitive Silk|O= Material}}

For Food Items:
Example: {{Item JJ1 |A1= Cherry|O= Food}}

For Treasure Items:
Example: {{Item JJ1 |A1= Glasses 3D Shirt|O= Treasure}}

For Junk Items:
Example: {{Item JJ1 |A1= Wood Planks|O= Junk}}

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