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Please do not suggest OP ideas, transportation, more planets (mainly because those come in their own time (especially with those being suggested so frequently at the forums)), or silly ideas like flying, leprechauns, rainbows (although it may or may not be possible and logical), bosses, magic, explosive projectiles, guns, rideable animals (which also go into the "transportation" category, or things of that sort.


[edit] Block Ideas

  • Slime block 4 goo of any color

[edit] Crafting Ideas

  • Derrick 3 blocks of height
  • Technical room Must be placed next to the derrick
  • Oil pipeline Allows transporting the oil
  • Tank oil Allows storing the oil and possesses an interface where we can fill barrels
  • Lantern Emits a light at a radius of four. Only emits when the player is holding it.

[edit] Mob Ideas

  • Birds Drop (colored) Feathers
  • King Slime Double mother slime health, drops four mother slimes, rare and 50% chance to drop Slime crown.
    • Already in game
  • Mushroom Spider When attacked drops health and mushrooms
  • Beast A sort of bear but more beastly looking; imagine it in your head
    • 15% Beast heart
    • 70% Beast horn
    • 90% Leather
  • Bees that fly around beehives Can be particles
  • Significantly increase the so-called "Horde of Mobs" in the session "Very Hard", you do not see hordes during the Night, in this Difficulty, the Game is very Easy, Deserves an Improved in the mobs category.
  • Final boss, it is so important that the game has a goal and not just build your house and go out to explore, a boss on the last planet would be a great Conquest.
  • Birds May fly away from the player.”
  • Giant Skull birds will fly around on Tor, chasing the player slowly.”

[edit] Miscellaneous Ideas

  • Uses for coconuts other than brown dye and being eaten, preferably.
  • There is lightning rarely in heavy rain.
  • Sand actually falls until it hits a solid block.
  • Ability to set time to day/night in creative instead of waiting.
  • New interactive creatures: NPCs, sell rare items that can not be found on baus or create them, their exchange currency would be coins that are only found in boxes and chests, rare possibility of generating an NPC that exchanges their Items in the purchase of their.
  • The gem blocks will now give the player buffs if he or she stands on it. Example: If a player would stand on a Citrine block, it would give them a 0.2 health Regen. But only if they’re standing on it.”

[edit] Biome ideas

  • Swamp With swamp blocks and tall grass
  • Jungle With tall trees and vines (can climb on)
  • Biome of Illusion, Generates rarely
  • Black Forest, Do not cross this biome without having good weapons, it generates very resistant mobs.

[edit] Item Ideas

  • Rope from yarn, to replace ladders with a scrapper looking material (can only be placed from top down, opposite of ladders)
  • Multiple bone parts of the body Like in the original Junk Jack
  • Implement the Clock, something that is very important in the Game.
  • Implement Traps as a Javelin Thrower, Only Found in Chests.

[edit] Jewelry/Collectables

  • Rubik's Cube
  • Sega Genesis Console & Gamepad
  • Nintendo 64 Console & Gamepad
  • Trolls Face
  • Mad Bird Reference to Angry Birds
  • Stupid Citrus Reference to Annoying Orange
  • Water bottle
  • instruments Guitar, Flute, Clarinet, etc. (maybe at lest 5 instruments)
  • Three-block-tall statues Separated parts, like in the original Junk Jack
  • Bedside Lamps Provide light

Rectangle screen (nintendo switch)

Annoying  Cube (spongebob squarepants)

[edit] Shop ideas

  • Thinking Cap Drops crafting pages
  • Slime Hat Drops green and purple slime frequently, not to be confused with the Dynaslime Hat
  • Golden Retriever Pet, fetches dropped items/blocks
  • Equivalents to the Santa Hat for other seasonal events
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