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Currently an administrator, wiki policy enforcer, and Beta tester for JJX. If there's a page to be deleted or altered, I'll do so to my best ability!
I'll be editing here and there, creating base pages but nothing too complex.
For future reference and just because it'll be easier to find...
Help out with the JJX portion of the wiki: Wanted Pages
Found a bug? Report it here.

You want beta information? Well, here you go Beta Stuff

If you get banned in the cross-fire, let me know about your issue in a Private Message on the forums @ 2539Woo. If you send me a message and wish to be unbanned from the wiki, just let me know and I'll undo the ban.
Also, don't bother waiting, the ban is infinite. If you have been banned, the reasons are either one of two reasons, or both even:

  • Your name was similar to that of a Spambot and in the process of preventing a spam page being created, I banned your IP, and other IP's you try to use, your email, and disabled creation of additional accounts.
  • You just got mis-tapped/clicked on and it was an accident, I swear. Also, don't worry about it being overkill, I'm an administrator, I know what I'm doing. Kappa

[edit] FAQ's

Will Junk Jack or Junk Jack X ever be on Android or PC?

  • Android? It now is available in the Play Store! PC, yes, it's available on Steam.

Can I be given an authority position?

  • Hell no.

Can I have free stuff, please? I was recently greifed and/or scammed.

  • No, you can't. Not be stingy, but you're liable to ask the rest of the community. Not to mention you're quite lazy if you don't want to do anything, don't invest your time in a game when you can't bounce back. Sorry, not to be harsh, but your problems are oftentimes not the community's problem if it doesn't involve all of us.

Oh my f***ing god, you guys suck, I said I wanted a direct answer.

  • Well, considering most of the forums if not all of it parrot what Jack and/or XsX say, I'm not sure what you want.

Can you guys help me dupe stuff?

  • Get over it, it's a sandbox game, it's not like there's a leaderboard. If you're serious, don't play a game which you won't bother to spend any time on doing the tedious things. I understand that it's boring, but this is the kind of stuff you sign up for when you play a sandbox game, or any game in general.

This game f***ing sucks, you and everyone else here are jackasses, you'll see my lawyer/mom or dad about your treatment to people online.

  • Is just game, why you haff to be so mad?

Where do I go I have 999 of (insert item name here), I'm giving it away/I found this guy who gives out download links and "I want to spread the happiness."

  • Don't. It ruins the already bargaining economy of JJX. It is strictly prohibited and a ban-worthy action.

Where do you find [ insert item or mob here ]?

  • Why not play the game and find out? Instead of asking where the answer probably isn't.

Is HEX editing anything allowed on the forums and here? Can I post a guide or give out items?

  • No, if you are here and do so, you will be IP banned asap. If you're on the forums, this is more trouble than it's worth.
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