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I no longer use the username Creepyredstone as I found it was a bit too Minecraft oriented.

I now go under the name Lo Luv. Here's a link to my new account: Lo Luv

-Old description-


I am creepyredstone. I like Junk Jack, minecraft, and other fun games.

I am not an official member of the wiki team.

I regularly add or change informations on the wiki. (Soon, I will restart my work here.)

I am currently working on finishing and polishing the original Junk Jack wiki.

I also remove every O- in the pages (don't worry, the links still work and still lead to the same place).

I also work on the Junk Jack x section (portal map, pocket animals, iAP...)

My favorite Junk Jack Youtuber is: Tye-Dye videos

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