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All green text on this page is written by TwelveFoot


[edit] Mob Images

I'm currently adding images of mobs instead of their names on each planet section because not everyone knows the names of each mob and they can't find out in survival mode, so using pictures they will be able to identify the mob and they will be redirected to the page of the mob. Do you accept it?

Yes, I was just about to congratulate you for your genius.

May I add it also in the Catagory:Mobs page? Just in-case. Thanks btw :D

Yeah, but let me do something first. Okay?

Sure, when I finish adding for all planets, ill combine and add them back to the Mobs Category.

Wow, you are great at Templates!!, I'll be changing the pictures to Template B.


[edit] Wiki Images

I've recently joined the wiki and have already added quite a few pages, and found out how to add images. I do know how the build template works, but I have absolutely no idea where I get the images from.
If you could help that would be great.


It seems to generally be easier for me to just handle the images, I'm set up for it and get enough practice that I'm pretty fast.

But if you did need to do something, the main files are a .PVR file type, which need to be converted to .PNG to be usable.
You can get a converter here.

The main files are:

  • mobs.pvr
  • equip.pvr (all character components)
  • rocks.pvr (all blocks, furniture, etc)
  • treasures.pvr (all inventory item icons)

[edit] Templates

Hey I'm back!

I was on the minecraft wiki page (because I would expect it to be similar in style) and Wikipedia earlier to gather some ideas for our own wiki. I stumbled across many different templates like info boxes and tables. Would you be able to add some different templates to the wiki? If you can't, would there be a way that we could add our own? We would have to wait for your own approval first.

I'm doing this so that there would be an easier way to display information and the history about certain in game items.

I can do whatever, just give me some idea of what you want and I'll see if it would be feasible.

Well if you take a look at this page, Example 1, there is an infobox on the right side giving general information of the mob's stats, and near the bottom of the page you can see a "history" section where it explains the history and general made to the mob. And I just checked the edit section of the editing help page, and it seems that a template already exists for tables.


''text here'' (2 apostrophes, not quote marks) Text will be italicised.
'''text here''' (3 apostrophes) Text will be bold.

What exactly does cellpadding mean?

The tables aren't exactly a template, it's just part of the wiki. I suppose I could make a template to simplify it, similar to MC.

Padding is a general term for the amount of space between content and the border. Cellpadding applies within each cell.
So, your example above uses cellpadding:4, below I've turned it up to 20.

''text here'' (2 apostrophes, not quote marks) Text will be italicised.
'''text here''' (3 apostrophes) Text will be bold.

[edit] Adding images and Resource Files

As you may have already noticed, most of the images I upload to the wiki seem to be blurred. The images you upload look exactly like what they do in the resource files. I tried to ask this question a while back on the forums, but it didn't really work out for me. And for the treasures file, creating a 16x16 square around an item doesn't quite align it in the center. I use a 17x17 square instead. I would Just like to know how you add the images to wiki. But if you are not willing to tell me, that's absolutely fine.

Actually, ignore the first thing I wrote. I figured out how to reduce blur on the images. I'm still not sure about the treasures file though.

To reduce blur turn "Interpolation" off.
Double the size of the entire treasures.png, then you'll be able to center things. Although I'm perfectly fine with doing all the images, so you don't really have to bother.

I've added quite a few images now, but it's bothering me how the images of the mobs you upload are slightly larger than mine. When you select a mob, do you make a 30x30 square, or a 32x32 square?

All blocks and mobs are 30x30.

Well that explains it. The images look much better. Thanks :)

Hi there TwelveFoot! I'm new here but I'm helping out where I can, I just layed out the Uber Mobs page with all the sprites. Stats and other things aren't done yet, but I was wondering if you had the ability to link it on the home page of Junk Jack. Idk who has this ability, but it would make sense. Thx! User:Bomberbrad

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