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A weapon is any item whose primary purpose is to kill mobs. They are visible on your character when held in your hand.


[edit] Craftable Weapons & Ammo

These can be crafted out of different materials. They may require different add-ons depending on the type of weapon or ammunition being crafted. All weapons can be repaired with a Sharpening Stone.

[edit] Ammunition

[edit] Bows

  • Basic Bows
    • Wood Bow
    • Copper Bow
    • Iron Bow
    • Silver Bow
    • Gold Bow
    • Mithril Bow
    • Antanium Bow
    • Titanium Bow
    • Galvanium Bow

[edit] Crossbows

  • Crossbows
    • Bright Wood Crossbow
    • Dark Wood Crossbow
    • Drenched Wood Crossbow
    • Ebony Wood Crossbow
    • Green Wood Crossbow
    • Grey Wood Crossbow
    • Light Wood Crossbow
    • Wood Crossbow

[edit] Explosives

[edit] Mauls

[edit] Spears

[edit] Swords

[edit] Thrown Weapons

[edit] Other

[edit] Biome Set Weapons

These can be found in underground biome chests.

[edit] Chest Drop

These come from non-biome underground chests & seasonal above ground chests.
Note: This section is incomplete

[edit] Mob Drop Weapons

These can be obtained by killing certain enemies.
Note: This section is incomplete

[edit] Blunt

[edit] Explosive

[edit] Magic

[edit] Pierce

[edit] Ranged

[edit] Slash


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