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[edit] Wood

Interface Hotslot.png
I Wood.png
OutlineX Placeable.png

  • Minimum Tool = Any
  • Best Tool = Axe

Wood is a natural block found almost everywhere.
It can be obtained by cutting down trees, different trees yield different colors of wood.
There are 6 types of wood: Dark, Normal, Light, Bright, Grey, and White.

All types of wood can be substituted for each other in any craft.
In most crafts the output will be the same, no matter which variation of wood you use, but some recipes (such as Wood Boards) produce a different output depending upon the input.

[edit] Dark Wood

B Dark Wood.png

[edit] Normal Wood

B Wood.png

[edit] Light Wood

B Light Wood.png

[edit] Bright Wood

B Bright Wood.png

[edit] Grey Wood

B Grey Wood.png

[edit] White Wood

B White Wood.png

[edit] Drenched Wood


[edit] Green Wood


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