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Wood Planks are items used as materials in a lot of crafting recipes, mainly in Tools and Add-ons. They look like a stick made out from wood.

Wood Planks can be made from many variants of wood, always resulting in the same Wood Plank with no change of color or name. Additionally, when cutting down a tree, you may also get Wood Planks.

Woods Planks also provides fuel in the Forge, granting 8 Ticks worth of Heat.


[edit] Crafting

Wood Planks are made of just 1 Wood block. (See crafting grid below for the item's crafting)

Crafting Interface.png
Bare Hands

. . . . .

I Wood.png

. . . .

I Wood Plank.png



[edit] Items Crafted With Wood Plank (In Conjunction With Other Materials)

[edit] Tools

[edit] Add-ons

[edit] Breeding

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